Genius (the rapper that plays many instruments)


January 8, 2016 / 3 Comments

Killing it in less than 2 mins Ntroduction video

Link to O

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    @Trap star
    05 February 6:03 PM

    Mad respect from Langley park Maryland

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    @Benjamín Vargas Alvarado
    07 February 6:51 PM

    Ohene let me tell you, that is definitely the best hip hop i’ve ever hear, and i’m a big fan of all muisc, keep going, keep rising and please keep doing this great music, I’m from Costa Rica and i’m glad i see you in 9GAG.

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    05 March 10:14 PM

    / Brother GOD, Miles Davis is by far my favorite maicsiun of all-time and of all/ any genres of music, what i truly loved and appreciated about this master was that he was an innovative, conceptual genius who could not and would not be confined to ANY style or approach to his art (much like the creative genius who wrote this dissertation) this was well-written and needs to be read by BOTH young and old by the youth so that they can have the OVERstanding of where the idea of fusing rap and live instrumentation/ original musical compositions/ improvisation originated and our elders so that they too can ascertain what our great master teacher Miles was doing i write this because many jazz purists dismiss ANYTHING that masters Miles, John Coltrane and other classical maicsiuns produced outside of the boundaries of what is labeled real jazz i must admit my bias when reading something positive about Miles Davis, in fact I’ve been smiling since i first read this short essay & am still smiling while I’m typing this comment brother Miles was a black prince, a genius and a B/ thinker before the term was ever conceptualized i am proud knowing that his approach to his artform has influenced my own path to drawing, illustration and painting brother Ohene you’re large good brother, this joint is literate B/