Genius (the rapper that plays many instruments)


To say O’hene Savant is a rare talent would be an incredible understatement

as he displays such a high level of competency that many knowledgeable about such things agree that his music will come to define this generation. Ohene has been compared to Prince by renowned thinker and music aficionado Dr. Cornel West, likened in spirit to Miles Davis by frequent collaborator James Mtume, and compared to Ziggy Marley by the one person in the best position to make such a comparison: Rita Marley.

Recently featured on BET’s Music Matters and NPR’s The Story, Ohene is a lyrical emcee and musical producer (who plays the keyboard, piano, rhythm and bass guitars, and harmonica as well as engineers and arranges) from Philadelphia by way of Accra, Ghana. His meticulous pursuit of musical and lyrical excellence has captured the attention of music legends Jimmy Heath, Jeff Majors, Kenny Gamble, and Mtume. Sophomore album, Inner City Soul, lead Rita Marley to refer to Ohene as her “son,” while dedication album Nina Simone by…Ohene was called “genius” by Dr. Cornel West. With a fan base that spans the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Japan, Ohene is poised to change not only the perception of rap, but what’s possible in music.


Although fans that are not themselves musicians may not be able to articulate every melodic move, they still understand that they are witnessing high art. “Known about him since rapademics! I love his growth and transitions thru out the years… I encourage all to expect to see him around for a long time [sic]” writes NP on “This work of true artistic genius is unmistakable,” shares Iwadhwani on Relating to people of all walks of life, Ohene maybe the closest thing to a complete artist we have witness in quite some time. It’s about time.